The Difference between Critique and Criticism

Criticism finds fault
Critique looks at structure

Criticism looks for what’s lacking
Critique finds what’s working

Criticism condemns what it doesn’t understand
Critique asks for clarification

Criticism is spoken with a cruel wit and sarcastic tongue
Critique’s voice is kind, honest, and objective

Criticism is negative
Critique is positive (even about what isn’t working)

Criticism is vague and general
Critique is concrete and specific

Criticism has no sense of humor
Critique insists on laughter, too

Criticism looks for flaws in the writer as well as the writing
Critique addresses only what is on the page

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  1. Mark,

    I think that both have a negative way but constructive at the end. So, if you want to do something professional, i think you have to bare somethimes some critiques and criticism from someone…

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